Welcome to the Digital Magic Public FTP site.

The files contained within are for your enjoyment and fun. They are made available to you with no charge from Digital Magic. There may be shareware fees to be paid to the original authors of the software and Digital Magic assumes no responsibility for the payment of said fees. Some of the utilities and programs contained here are MAC programs. They will run on either a PowerMac, 030 or 040 MAC. You can tell the MAC files as they all end with a .hqx extension. The rest of the files are P.C. files. They all end with a .exe extension and are self extracting zip files. There are also some jpegs (.jpg) that we may post from time to time.

MAC Software Library

GURU 1.0.7 (MAC) Everything you wanted to know about the guts of your MAC... and MORE.

StuffItExpander (MAC) The BEST utility for unstuffing/decompressing on the market today for a MAC. Will even handle PC Zip files (.zip). (Even the Self Extracting Zip files .exe) Get it NOW!

JPEG View (MAC) View .jpeg, .gif and .bmp files with this little gem.

Sound App. (MAC) Convert PC .wav files to MAC sound and vice-versa.

SoundMaster 1.8.1 (MAC) Make your MAC talk to you when you do stuff.

Fetch 3.0.1 (MAC) The latest version of the BEST FTP client for the MAC.

TechTool A MUST HAVE for blasting PRAM and your Desk Top cleanly and completely. Much better than the "standard" ways from the MAC keyboard. Also included is a totally KEWL system diagnostic.

P.C. Software Library

L-View (P.C.) Use this baby to look at all types of file formats you download from the web. You can even save to different file formats and do a little image manipulation with it.

WINZIP95 (P.C.) This is the Drag & Drop Zipping and Unzipping utility that is a MUST HAVE for all the Win95 and NT users. So simple even I love it!!!

SITEX10.EXE (P.C.) This is the Stuffit Expander for Windows. I is used for un-zipping any PC .zip file or for unstuffing any MAC .sit or .sea file. It will also unstuff UNIX .z or tar-z files. Real kewl!